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Habits of success – Being Proactive

There are more than 7 Habits of Success, but there are certainly not less of them. We love what we do for Companies & People, helping them create more sales through a proven system of "habits" or processes that enable you to do more with less.  Many times, it's about how you do things and [...]

Habits of success – Being Proactive2019-01-08T13:47:21+00:00

Are you really “Doing your VERY best?”

Some days it's just great to hear about those who really want to do their best and actually put the work in. Shared this today and thought you would appreciate when you BLINDLY put for all of the effort that's required to get something done. Nor pretending to get something done, making excuses for not [...]

Are you really “Doing your VERY best?”2019-03-01T22:44:34+00:00

Thank A Vet!

For all of our Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles who stood for something other than themselves - we say "Thank you" to everyone who served our great country. Just stop and thank someone who thanklessly served - regardless of their own belief.  

Thank A Vet!2019-03-01T23:02:26+00:00

Why every business needs a Ben Zobrist #MVP

  Bryan Durkin Author & 3rd Base Coach at "Stuck On First" - The 9 Positions of a Playoff Ready Business Every bleary eyed sports fan, casual or not, watched or is now learning about the historic comeback win for the Cubs. This article isn't about the win, not even about the organization - team [...]

Why every business needs a Ben Zobrist #MVP2019-03-01T23:10:24+00:00

Did Denny Hamlin give enough? .011 Seconds says he did.

I am not a NASCAR fan - there I said it. I am a huge sports fan but some sports sadly, just don't occupy my time. But sports and business occupy a great deal of my time.  Day after day I meet with and share stories with entrepreneurs and owners who really want to get [...]

Did Denny Hamlin give enough? .011 Seconds says he did.2019-03-01T23:25:52+00:00

7 Game Time Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

7 Game Time Mistakes Owners Make and how to avoid them! In this very short 20 min video, I share with you 7 of the most common traits of business owners and the biggest mistakes they make.  These 5 things will transform your business by avoiding the most common problems. [...]

7 Game Time Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!2019-03-01T23:29:30+00:00

Selling Services – AMA Quick Pitch #1

So many people I meet and talk to are afraid of the sales and selling process because they feel it's somehow beneath them.  If you have the right answers to the right questions the process can become simpler and not as frightening.  I contribute on many boards, including Reddit and several Facebook groups. Last [...]

Selling Services – AMA Quick Pitch #12019-03-01T23:32:14+00:00